Florian Sofa

33 500 kr

We like curves. Florian has them. This curved and sleek sofa is the perfect piece to add a design look in your home and add interest due to the organic shape. It comes in a customizable size but standard is 220 which allows for hosting guests. You want it larger, smaller? Let us know. Florian is easily transitioned from a sleek home in light fabrics, as it could be a centerpiece if upholstered in a fabulous patterned fabric. Mix Florian with the Florian chairs for a great seating area that will last years to come.

Made to order; delivery time 6 weeks

Beech wood, plywood and HDF board. Hr foam, silicone fiber. Fabric

W 210 cm, D 120 cm, H 80 cm Seat widh 175 cm, seat deep 60 cm, seat height 42 cm

Create Your Own

You know the feeling of 'what if it was just a little lighter in color' or I love this piece, but I don't like the fringes or even - great piping but it doesnt match my blue accents in my home...

Now you have the possibility to create a piece of RIJD furniture that is just the way you like it. Be it fringes, piping, skirting or colorways that will blow your mind but not your budget.

And if you get stuck or overwhelmed, we're just an email away to help guide you on your path of creating a unique piece of furniture that is just you and sits just right with the rest of your stuff in your house.

Welcome, design your own RIJD, if you have special color requests let us know. We have 100's of options but site optimization won't let us show them all to you.

Caroline & Susanne

How to order

In order to create your own Florian Sofa email us at [email protected]. We will get back to you with more information.


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