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This stone is a highly appreciated timeless material that adds beauty and style to any interior design. It makes an excellent material for furniture since it is strong, sturdy, and will last. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still looking high-end. Marble comes in a variety of different shades, patterns, and veining, and since it is a natural material no two items ever look the same. Multi-colored grain, small watermarks, and shadows are a part of nature’s force, and therefore must never be thought of as faults. We use white, grey, beige, green, and black marble in our furniture. This stone is beautiful on its very own but is also a great material to mix with other materials such as metal and wood. View and shop selected products within the material category down below, and read all about how to take care of your new favorite pieces to make them last a lifetime. If you still have questions regarding maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Care Instructions

  • Dust the surface once or twice a week with a soft cloth.
  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately since marble stains very quickly.
  • All acid liquids will etch the surface. Water can also leave marks on the marble table top.
  • Clean gently with a damp cloth.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or dusting sprays.
  • Wash the marble periodically with a cloth dampened with tepid water, and, if necessary, a bit of mild dishwashing liquid. Gently run the cloth over the surface, making a circular motion. Remove the soap with another damp cloth and wipe the marble dry.
  • Use coasters under drinking glasses.
  • If the marble top has been damaged, we recommend asking an expert for advice.

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